The classical definition of Hacking is unauthorized access into a network or computer by one or more individuals known as hackers. Typically hackers stay anonymous and have the intention to disturb something or create havocunnecessarily system. They also try to change  or manipulate security mechanisms or implant viruses in the servers.
Hackers are also employed in big organizations and these hackers use their expertise to find bugs, sensitive areas, and flaws within the security network of the enterprise. This can be done to find and fix the vulnebarilty from breaking in the security system.

Types of Hackers around the Globe

There are three types of hackers such as White, black, and grey.

‘Black Hat’ Hackers

A black-hat hacker is some who tries to obtain unauthorized access to a device or network for malicious purposes to exploit them. There is no authorization or jurisdiction for the black-hat hacker to breach its goals. They seek to cause harm by breaching authentication mechanisms, modifying the website and network functionality or locking down networks. In most cases, they try to steal or manipulate passwords, financial records, and other sensitive data.

‘White Hat’ Hackers

White-hat hackers are involved in the business organizations to improve a system’s security. They are allowed to the  b permitted to contact the targets and breach them under the communication rules specified and big companies such as    Facebook, Microsoft, and Google do employ white-hat hackers.
White-hat hackers are also regarded as conscientious hackers. This person is skilled in ethical hacking methods, tactics, and methodologies for protecting information systems in an enterprise.

‘Grey Hat’ Hackers

Grey hats hackers are a hybrid of white hat and white hat, networks, and operating infrastructure in the same manner that black hats but they don’t have exposing any loopholes and flaws to law enforcement or intelligence services.

The main characteristics of a grey-hat hacker are that they  surf the net and break into computer networks to warn server controllers or user  that there are security bugs in their system/network that need to be patched instantly

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