Top Graphics Designing Software

For designers, software becomes an extension of their artistic abilities. They memorize keyboard shortcuts, become familiar with layouts, and generally treat their favorite software as a second language. Having an intuitive and flexible system is essential. So, which design tools do you choose? Are you looking for the versatility and expensiveness of Photoshop, or are you searching for something more simple — and inexpensive?

Top Graphics Designing Software:

Adobe Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop is easily the most popular graphic design applications. From basic cropping that your grandmother could figure out to more complex raster designs when it comes to image manipulation Photoshop can do it all. Photoshop is popular for classic features like the pen tool, layers, and masks, but the most recent version adds some interesting tricks such as a Frame tool for quick masking and a modern Content-Aware Fill workspace.

Adobe Illustrator:

Photoshop and Illustrator share several common tools and features, but Adobe Illustrator is based on vector design. Put together beautiful logos, typography, icons, and sketches with Illustrator’s mesh tool, pen tool, swatches, and colors, or Form and Pathfinder software. Though it’ll take some extra time to learn, the nearly limitless potential for creating vector designs is worth the effort.

Affinity Designer:

In terms of function and style, Affinity Designer is an impressive, low-budget alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Affinity even gets praise for being easier to use and faster than Illustrator, especially when working with layers. It’s suitably easy for beginners to use as a learning aid but adequately effective for professional graphic artists on a budget.


Maybe the most common open-source, free raster graphics editor, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) has many of the same features that paid-for programs have. While its style isn’t as glamorous as, say, Photoshop, you still get the advanced photo retouching, drawing and cropping capabilities of the better-known programs


There’s something beautiful about a good community. Inkscape’s user base is passionate and helpful, with this cross-platform software bringing out the best of open-source design. Users can put together good-looking graphics and designs with the breadth of learning resources available. Though, a steep learning curve, clunky GUI, and less-than-stellar Mac version prevent Inkscape from being a flawless application.

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