Scala Hosting Review 2020

Scala Hosting is quite new when compared to the likes of HostGator and all. But despite of being new they have been providing seamless and reliable web hosting services. Their web hosting plans come with quite a lot of features and they are super cheap as well.

Any kind of business, whether big or small can choose Scala Hosting and you will be very astonished by the quality of their services, The reason that they are able to provide such kind of services is the fact that the main focus is providing scalable web hosting rather than just making money. Well, let’s discuss the shared web hosting plans provided by them.

Scala Hosting Review

Shared Web Hosting Plans

The Shared web hosting plans available with Scala Hosting are quite awesome. They come with a lot of features and benefits and most of these benefits are rarely seen among any web hosting provider at such cheap rates. Let’s discuss these plans down below.

There are basically three web hosting plans available with Scala hosting, which are Mini, Start, Advanced.


The mini-plan comes with a lot of features and it is available only at a meagre price. If you choose this plan you will be able to avail quite a lot of benefits. Some of those benefits are 1 Website free, 50GB storage and 1xCPu power. Along with that if you are migrating then you will also receive free migration.


This plan is very similar to the Mini plan and most of the features are quite same too but there are a few changes in this plan. Changes like instead of 1 website, here you will get unlimited websites and instead of 50GB storage you will get unlimited storage as well. You also get double CPU power in this plan.


The advanced is quite like the Strat plan and most features are the same as well. But here the your will get quadruple CPU power and along with the SShield Cyber Security you will also get Pro Spam Protection and priority support. The best thing about this plan is that you will also receive SEO Analysis, which is worth $49 for free. This plan will be available to you at an affordable price.

So, these are the three basic shared web hosting plans that are available with Scala Hosting. But besides all, there is another plan available.

So, these are all the Shared Web hosting plans that are available with Scala Hosting. We hope that the provided information has been of help to you.

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