News About Zoom hacking

With the recent  Corona Virus outbreak, companies and organizations have been using applications like ZOOm, Teams and such a like. But it is reported by indicated by US digital Cyble that some of the information has been leaked.

 Cyble has believed that more than 5 lakh Zoom account accreditations ready to move online on the Dark Web.  Hackers seem to monetize this hacked account by selling usernames and passwords connected to in excess of more than  500,000 Zoom Apps on the Dark Web.

If you don’t know about Dark Web, It is a place that is encrypted and can’t be access via normal internet. It is estimated that millions  of individuals  access the dark web and this information is gathered via phones and work systems.

Coming back to  Zoom Video Communications , the software that provides users the ability, for video call, online chat, and business telephone systems. Use of the platform is free for video conferences of up to 100 participants, with a 40-minute time limit. Earlier this month, Zoom had implemented updates for specific account types to make meetings more private and secure.

According to the reports, the hack includes activities such as collecting URLs and email addresses, and password of clients and as well as Zoom user privacy details.

There has been news of other apps been hacked such as Houseparty. Although many reports that many uninvited accounts have join team or meetings.

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