How to programming in excel

VBA or Visual Basic for Applications is one of the ways to learn to programme and can help in starting out your journey on how to programming in excel. 

People fear when they hear the word “programming.” It is because they were told how hard it is to learn and master the language but these are not the reality of the programming languages. They are easy to learn but it requires a deal of understanding and passion to learn.

Let’s take the analogy of a car and a driver. In this case, you are a driver and program is a car. You have the ability and authority to control the car and manoeuvre it according to your will.

Programs are basically set of instruction which is given to the systems to do take certain actions.  In this article, we will help you to help with how to programming in excel.

To begin with programming excel you need a working excel application in your PC or Mac, if you have the latest versions of excel then better it will be.

Step One 

To begin programming with excel, first of all, run the excel application. And the then click on the create a new project, these are popularly known as spreadsheets. Make sure it has all columns.

Step Two

To create a program you have click on the developer tab. For most of the people, this option won’t be available therefore you have to click on the  “Microsoft Office” button and then click on the “Excel Options”, you should see the “Developer” tab. Click on that once it is displayed on your screen.

Step Three 

The next step is to click on Visual Basic that will appear on the screen. Then create a new sheet by clicking on the Visual Editor on the right top corner.

Step Four 

Then finally you can start writing your program using the Visual Basic Appearance in the excel.


The above steps are necessary for staring on how to create your first program using “Microsoft Excel”. It requires one individual to keep learning every day to be better at programming. And we believe that it answered on how to programming in excel can be done by even by beginners.

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