How to Chrome disable popup blocker?

Hello, what’s up guys and welcome to our page. In this article, we will¬†show you how to disable unwanted notifications in your Google Chrome web browser and this method almost works on all windows versions like that Windows 7,Windows 8 8.1 and Windows 10 also. So the desktop notifications are one of the best features of modern browsers, and it shows previews of email,breaking news and instant messages.

But sometimes people are not interested to get this kind of annoying notifications, so if you are one of the people, you can follow my tutorial, otherwise, you can leave it.

First of all, you can open your google chrome web browser and in this home page section you can press that vertical 3 dot icon and it is located at the almost right side of that browser corner. Then it shows lots of options, so here you can go to “Settings”, now one new settings window is opening. Here you can scroll down and then click to open that “Advanced” settings, now this time you can locate the settings called “Content settings” and it is located under the “Privacy and security” settings.

Finally I locate it and then click to open it, and in this section, it has the lots of settings, so here you can go to “Notification” settings and then click to open it. Here you can see it has two sections and one is for notification allowed websites and another one is for disabled notification websites, so you can easily customize it by pressing that vertical 3 dot icon. But if you’re not interested to get any website notifications, simply you can turn off this option “Ask before sending”, so you can click to disable it. If once you disable that option you won’t get any notifications in your lifetime.

We hope that this article was helping in solving your issues.

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