Graphic design career

  1. Graphic designer

Graphic design career develop graphics and designs for product illustrations, company logos, websites, and more. This job title can cover a wide range of tasks in a wide variety of industries.So what does that look like in practice? Ruane worked as a graphic designer for a tech magazine, creating magazine layouts, some advertising, print production, and some web design.Lewin worked as a senior graphic designer at a video game publishing company, designing and directing video game titles. 

  1. Creative director

Creative directors show their creativity through a project. They make sure that the overall look, aesthetic and consistent, stays on track by guiding your team through the steps to create something, be it a tangible product like a video game, movie, magazine or something more abstract like an advertising campaign or brand identity.

The job involves management, leadership, and often budgeting and time management skills, as well as creative insight.When Ruane worked as an associate creative director at a digital advertising agency, his job was to conceive with a copywriting partner, brainstorm and present ideas, and lead a team of designers and art directors while still involved in visual design.

  1. User Experience Designer (UX)

UX designers work to make products, processes, and services smooth, user-friendly, and intuitive for users. They think about how the product feels, how users will use it. They ensure that the product flows from one step to the next. UX designers can run user tests, refining any bumps or confusion in the process. This career involves tons of innovative thinking, creative insight, and a natural appreciation for fluid design. This design discipline is often found in web design, where organizations place a greater emphasis on ensuring that their website designs are visually appealing and easy to use.While user experience design has been around for much longer, Ruane notes that the role of the UX Graphic design career really started to grow in popularity about ten years ago. When that happened, many of his graphic design classmates transitioned to UX racing. This is an excellent role for tech-savvy designers, as it often requires a combination of web design and technology skills.

  1. User interface designer (UI)

The UI design is often considered a subset of the UX Graphic design career and has similar overall goals. UI designers focus on how the product is presented. They design every screen and every page, ensuring that the layout works visually with the general path that a UX designer has mapped out.UI designers design every screen or page a user interacts with, ensuring that the UI visually communicates the path that a UX designer traces. They can decide where content should go in an analytics dashboard or what tools make the most sense to the user navigating a page. They also pay close attention to consistency of style and ensure that the product remains consistent.

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