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Ever since Go4Hosting was established, it has been providing excellent amenities and good quality web hosting to individuals and businesses with the only aim of delivering outstanding services for the best price. They are continuously upgrading and innovating quality to meet the changing needs and expectations of their customers.

Go4Hosting uses its own custom Linux kernel for its server, custom builds their servers and have their own nationwide fibre network. So, one can be guaranteed that its technology is at the highest level and will meet everyone’s needs.

They have a very frank approach to web hosting and offer simple plans with most features included as standard. From the first click to sign up through launching one’s website, Go4Hosting has a simple system, which starts with their easy to use website and pricing plans.

Salient Features

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Go4Hosting offers almost all the features that one expects from a top web hosting service included in their Standard Plan such as the Google Webmaster Tools that are integrated into the control panel as well as Google Apps allowing one to integrate their Google calendar, docs, mail, sites, and blog into one’s website.

Their core features include unlimited disc space, unlimited transfer bandwidth, unlimited hosted domains and unlimited MYSQL databases.


Go4Hosting assures 99.9% network uptime and has a 24/7 network monitoring, courtesy site backups, backup generators, multiple 10Gigabit connections to locations all over the world. All of these features help ensure reliable web hosting and a website for the visitors to always get in to.

Go4Hosting also offers a group of web design services to help one to customize their site and make it an attractive site that many visitors enjoy coming to. One can monitor which marketing tools give them the best results so that they can target only those tools and keywords that produce marketing results for their site. This will allow users to pick the best tool once their free credits run out.

This web hosting service also collects the visitor statistics and site traffic information using the industry standard visitor tracking tools. This is a precious feature as it helps one to target the future visitors, know where their current visitors are coming from, and adjust the design of their site to make it work better.

Customer Support

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Go4Hosting customer care centre is not just part of the control panel, but it is set out very nicely. It has a knowledge base and a step-by-step video tutorials section that is easy to search and understand by the visitors. Go4Hosting also has 24/7 US-based phone, live chat support and email features – these support features are highly displayed on Go4Hosting’s homepage and so they are easy to find and access. Go4Hosting offers the best phone support through its staff who are friendly and knowledgeable and the waiting time is minimum. They answer in timely fashion to the email inquiries and the live chat wait times are also minimal. Go4Hosting spends a lot of time to ensure customer satisfaction.

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