Business Ideas for Women in 2020

According to a report by the state of women-owned business 2018, it was found that female entrepreneurship has increased by 3000% since 1972. The report also revealed that this is growing quite exponentially. There are quite a lot of businesses that women can start and if you are looking for such kind of ideas, then you are in the right place. Down below we have compiled a list of some of the businesses that are on the rise for Women. We hope that this will be of help to you.

Business Ideas for Women:

Financial Services:

What doesn’t need the money to help? Strong projects have been founded by a number of female entrepreneurs to support musicians, seniors, homeless people and more regain control of their finances. We have seen numerous business owners particularly helping their fellow women find financial clarity. Others, meanwhile, have found success by looking to the future, such as Kelly Peeler, whose NextGenVest fiscal education program uses software to educate Generation Z about the risks associated with student loans.


Capturing a place or moment in time is a rare talent — and potentially lucrative. For clients eager to recall those moments with beautiful images, photographers may create studios that capture weddings, vacations, and growing families. Or, just like Maureen Erokwu, you can think beyond the door. Her Google-backed company, Vosmap, photographs companies so that their prospective customers know what they look like before they arrive.

Medicine and Health:

What is bigger than one’s health? To be sure, building a company in this room necessitates expertise. Yet if you do, consider following in the footsteps of women like Claire Tomkins of the Future Family, Dr. Sophia Yen of Pandia Health, Dr. Anitha Rao of Neurocern, or Amy Hagstrom Miller of Whole Women’s Health. Each identified creative ways to help people with complications surrounding infertility, access to birth control and abortion, and dementia. Grit’s Tish Scolnik has also found her calling for health, using her engineering skills to design “the wheelchair mountain bike.”

App Developer:

Women are designing apps that thousands use to tackle a variety of issues from scheduling beauty appointments, battling street abuse, or safely chauffeuring children to resolving the loneliness that new mothers or workers often feel at large firms.

There are quite a lot of business ideas for women. The ones that have been mentioned here are only a handful. We hope that the provided information has been of help to you.

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