Best Places To Learn Cloud Computing

Companies are increasingly implementing cloud solutions. And firms including Amazon (AWS), Google (Google Cloud), and Microsoft (Azure) capitalized on some of the industry’s leading cloud solutions. And these are only a few of the platforms open. Many great solutions are available in IBM, VMWare, Rackspace, and several others. The need for professional, skilled workers is also rising increasingly with all these platforms.

Best Places To Learn Cloud Computing


Udemy is a leading online trainer on a variety of subjects. They have a lot of cloud computing material that can be helpful to interested students. Udemy is dedicated to delivering premium educational content with leading professionals and educational organizations.

Depending on paid or free courses, you can select and provide an experience such as beginners, intermediaries, or experts. Many of the courses are in many languages. You can also select courses according to length, depending on the time available. The standard of a course is generally better determined by the students who took the lessons.


There’s a lot of interesting cloud material on this website. You can also check out all the courses for a free month. Content can be used to know and support Microsoft Azure, Google Apps, and iCloud technologies. Over 227 cloud computing courses and videos cover various levels such as the novice, the intermediate, and the advanced. Courses for a user community or team can also be purchased.


This is a leading forum for online learning. Coursera is a member of numerous leading universities, including Yale, Stanford, Penn State, and Harvard. We have thorough experience in cloud computing and certifications and even graduate in computer science from Arizona State University and Illinois University.

This fundamental course entitled Critical Cloud Infrastructure is one of the most common cloud courses on Coursera. This course is a 1-week, fast-track on-demand course that introduces the Google Cloud Platform participants through video lectures, demos, and hands-on laboratories.

A Cloud Guru

The name says everything. Everything. This website provides a wide variety of cloud-centric courses for you to learn and train for certification programs. AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform courses are open. A free trial is also available.

Several options for filtering contents by the vendor, topic, level, service, position, teacher, and form are also provided. Popular online forums such as the AWS Certified Lounge and many others are also open.

Apart from that, there are quite a lot of other places too. We hope that the provided information has been of help to you.

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