Best Android Hacking Apps

 The android phone enables ethical hacking of apps that would make it a full, so it make Android phone your very own hacking machine. You will be able to run experiments and do amazing stuff with just your device.  However, you have to root your Android phone to completely make it a fully functional hacking instrument to reap its benefits.
Nevertheless, we have compiled a list of Best Free Android Hacking apps that you will need in order to turn your Android into a deadly hacking machine. This android application enables you to sneak and break into security protocols, and private WiFi networks.

1. ZAnti Penetration Testing Android Hacking Toolkit

ZAnti Penetration Testing Android Hacking Toolkit

This mobile application enables users IT Security Administrators to simulate a sophisticated attacker in order to detect the methods they use in breaching the private and corporate network. This tool very beneficial for mobile penetration testing because it helps security managers and can help to improve the security of a company.

 WiFi Kill (WiFi hacking app)

Wifi Kill

Are you feeling bored? This is app is really a trickster because it enables the admin user to remove all the devices connected to the WiFi network. Sounds interesting right,  if you have issues with  connectivity like speed and bandwidth then you can remove all the active users that are linked to the same WiFi network

 WPS connect (no-root)

Wps connect

To use this app you need to root your android phone first. Since you won’t be able to use this  WiFi Hacking app for Android phones. Similar to the Wifi killer you can remove or deactivate network connections to other users that are connected to the same network. WiFi hacking app you will be able to connect to any network with this WPS Connect and you can hack any password-protected WiFi network.

 WiFi Inspect

Best Android Hacking Apps
This software is not a hacking tool just security but more of security tool.It is multi-tool created 
for ethical security professionals and other specialized users who want to track their own networks or have permission. 

Fing Networks Tools

Fing is an application of professional network analytics. It is one of the best rooted Android apps that can be used for network research. You can see which devices are linked to WiFi networks. Users would like it because the code is easy and intuitive to detect malware.

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