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Hacking is also one of the occupations that is not really common among many people, but there is a lot of space for hacking now a days  and is followed by most people. There are several hacking methods used by most hackers that are legal and cost-free. These techniques are built by some of the finest coders and will make the job simpler and can be completed manually.

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Here’s a list of some of the best hacking software that you can use for better and best results. You can use this software on systems that you prefer.

Metasploit – This hacking technique is known to be one of the best tools and most favored by most hackers, which is very easy to use. This platform has a group of software that you can use to customize your tools. They’ve got more than 2lakhs of subscribers.

Acunetix WVS – This is also a great platform that you can check out with the incredible choices that are available here. This is a software vulnerabilities detector that can first search the website to figure out if there are any vulnerabilities in it. You can now use this awesome tool for free.

Nmap – Nmap is still a very popular app that is very popular for most users that can be built in Windows, MAC and Linux. It’s also a free platform that most hackers have used and many users have. There are a lot of nice choices open to you here for best use.

Wireshark – Wireshark is said to be one of the best software you can consider for simple and best use. This incredible tool is available free of charge and has the best functionality for its users. This method is highly recommended and must be tested.

There are some of the best hacking software that can be installed on Windows PCs, Linux Systems, and MAC OS. These are the best tools, but there are plenty more if you’re looking for other solutions. Other hacker tools that you might include are OclHashcat, Nessus Vulnerability Scanner, Nessus Remote Security Scanner, Malte Go, Social Engineer Toolkit and Kismet and several more. These other software are also a great option for you to consider which can suit best to your requirements and you are comfortable with using them. Keep visiting to know more on such other interesting post.

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