Interserver Review: What are the important features offered by InterServer?

We all are familiar with hosting, but then we are not pretty sure to choose the best among the hosting providers. Let us dig in deep to know what is hosting? To make your website go live over the World Wide Web, you need something called hosting. Interserver is one of the hosting providers who are doing an excellent job of keeping up with the quality and service. There are many more interesting things to know about hosting, stay connected!

What are the important features offered by InterServer?

Many times we have come across “I’ve been hacked” all out of the blue, but nowadays, we often don’t see it. All thanks to the World Wide Web for letting us get interconnected. Malware has always been the threat, and to avoid getting hit by malware, Interserver has a feature named “inter-shield.” InterShield includes these five prongs:

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

  • Malware Detection
  • Outbound Email Protection
  • Automatic Scan of Running Scripts
  • File Upload Scanner
  • Web App Firewall

Majorly, these features were implemented to safeguard our customers who are using shared web hosting.

Cloud Apps

You are just a click away to download cloud-based applications. They provide 450+ different applications, which will help you serve your requirement in one or the other ways. Take a look at it!

Price Lock

Whichever price that you pay while you are making a purchase, the same price holds good at the time of renewal based on certain terms and conditions. At the same time, you can cancel the plans, take the refund.

Essential Features

Interserver provides an all in one solution when it comes to hosting. They offer free migration of domain from one hosting platform to another. Interserver has a 30-day money-back guarantee feature, which means that you will get back your money if you are unhappy with their service, but you need to cancel the plan within the 30th day of your purchase.

Plans & Pricing of InterServer


The only question that keeps building the competition among the hosting providers is the price. The interserver offers cost-effective solutions along with one of a kind features. The pricing is totally different from one plan to another. All you need to do is choose the right plan based on your requirement.

Unlimited cPanel Hosting:

Cpanel hosting and WordPress comes along with the plan, which will not cost you anything. Interserver concentrates on quality, not quantity!

Shared Web Hosting:

The name itself indicates that you won’t have full freedom to run the show as in, the server will be shared among a few others. For a beginner, it is very much recommended as the pricing is very much aggressive and affordable. If affordability is your concern, shared web hosting is the only go. Page speed might affect the hosting that you have chosen.

Cloud Web Hosting:

Cloud Web Hosting is very much safe but a bit expensive. If you are willing to build an e-commerce site, better go with cloud web hosting even though it might harm your pockets because you will have a dedicated server for all your domains. Even in case, you lose your data, and you can retrieve the data easily and quickly.

WordPress VPS Hosting:

We all are familiar with WordPress, aren’t we? WordPress is one amazing tool, which is used for designing websites. Interserver offers WordPress VPS Hosting solution as well. This hosting comes with quite a lot of features such as Optimized heartbeat control, Free migration, 99.99% uptime guarantee, Flexible software options, easy to use control panel, High-performance storage, multi-lingual servers, Instant provisioning, etc. Now, when it comes to specifications, you can choose them according to your needs. The basic version would cost you $6.00 per month, and the higher you go, the price of the plan will increase along with it.

Reseller Hosting

There are five different plans that are available in InterServer’s Reseller Hosting, which are RS ONE, RS TWO, RS THREE, RS FOUR, RS FIVE. Now, all these come with cPanel accounts, Monthly bandwidth, client management, etc., and the higher you, the price of the plans increase along with that as well. The plans are priced at $19.95, $29.95, $39.95, $49.95, $69.95 per month respectively. It also comes with some premium features such as One-click scripts, Private DNS servers, MYSQL ON SSD drives, Unique IP Address, and unlimited domains. These features too differ from plan to plan.

Why do we recommend InterServer?

Interserver is now one of the best hosting providers to the fact that they have maintained the at most quality and service customers expect. They are way cost-effective when compared to other hosting providers, but at the same time, they also have very good customer support. You just call or a text message away from the support team, which works all day long to make sure that there are no issues.

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