How to View Saved WiFi Password iphone?

Wi-Fi passwords are used to protect their networks around the globe without viewing their passwords to others. It is easier to connect the Iphone to Wi-Fi networks, and then the Iphone will be spontaneously recognize the passwords so that you need not enter manually whenever you use this network. In Iphones, it doesn’t show its Wi-Fi passwords unlike the others android phones. In any case if you want to connect any new device to the same Wi-Fi networks or you need to share your password with others? Try following our guide for how to view saved WiFi password iphone.

Find Wi-Fi Password on Iphone via Router Settings

Best Tutorial on How to Know Connected Wifi Password on Mobile ...

 This guide is used to find the IP address of the Iphone through router can able to view the router password in the settings. So try going to settings app then search for Wi-Fi afterwards check for the Wi-Fi name and passwords and then click on the “i” logo next to its bar icon. So copy the IP address in the router segment, then access the safari browser and paste the IP address in the browser after all this just hit the enter button and automatically login panel page will open. Login with a default username and password, generally both will be admin. But if this does not work, you can search in online for the default password of the router. After logging in,   directly go to wireless setup or settings to see the iphone Wi-Fi password.

Show Iphone Wi-Fi password on Mac via iCloud Keychain Sync

How to View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Mac

Sometimes if you have logged onto the same iCloud account through Iphone, then you can consider using ICloud keychain to sync the Wi-Fi passwords on your Iphone with your Mac and see them in keychain application. For this to happen in your Iphone, go to settings, then to iCloud and keychain. Over there enable the keychain feature. Afterwards go back to settings and switch on the personal hotspot. So this is the method to be followed in view saved WiFi password iphone.

Share Wi-Fi on Iphone

If the Iphone is running on iOS 11 or above software, just you can simply allow using your networks with other Apple devices. It might not be a bad idea to add new device to your network if you are not finding the password from your Iphone device. For instance if you want share your Wi-Fi network with your Friends Ipad then you have to add them to your contact list by saving their name on your phone and then enter your iCloud username and password  for your friend and tap on done. For this to happen to you should be added on iCloud account in their device. Turn on the Bluetooth in both Iphone and Ipad and go to settings and to Wi-Fi in your friends Ipad where you can see your network. Click on your Wi-Fi network and type the password in the box. Then only you can share the password and Ipad device will be connected to your network.

So these are the above guides need to followed in the Wi-Fi sector for Iphones. Hope that I have covered all bases for how to view saved WiFi password iphone. Even try looking other methods for Wi-Fi networks in Iphone devices.

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