Google home vs alexa; which is best for you?

In this world, with the improving technology, the world of electronics is filled with new and smart devices be it in the department or smart phones, laptops, earphones and many other such devices where one such electronic product is speakers. Speakers are now advanced and smart with many amazing and unique features built with. The top most speakers in this world that are preferred by most of the people is either amazon echo or google home. Now it is a tuff decision to make on which is best to buy and why. That is why here we have done a comparison on google home vs alexa which is best for you.

Google Assistant or Alexa

Both the devices have wonderful voice assistants but Alexa supports many smart home devices but on google home you can connect to cloud to upload music. These both devices have almost all the features needed that you are looking for.


The look and the design also matter on what to choose. There is nothing such on which has better design, google home vs alexa. If you like bold colors and metal work on it then google home is the one or if you like design with woods and neutral color then amazon echo is the one.


One more factor on what you can choose a best device for you is on their skills for example google home can recognize 6 voices and can change flawlessly from one device to another where on amazon echo you have to mention to change the accounts like switch account to B.


One more important point on which is devices is better is on connectivity to Wi-fi and other home devices. By most of the reviews and testing it is found out that the connectivity of amazon echo is much stronger than compared to google home where it can find issue to reach to some of the home devices.

These are some of the top pick for google alexa price where you can know on what device you want to choose and why. We hope you are satisfied with all the info given. Do share your opinions on how you found this post also let us know if you have any other quires to be made on the same. keep visiting to not miss on the next article coming up related to tech accessories.

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