Best Free Software For Windows 10

Windows is one of the most popular operating systems with over 80% of the total PC users are occupied with the Windows Operating system. After the revolution windows 8 update a few years back the company has managed to keep their promises for frequent quality updates. So till date, they have managed to provide us with Windows 10 update and it will be going on. For all the windows 10 users you might have seen there is a space managed by Microsoft Store where you can download some amazing software or Apps for the utility or any other purpose of their users. So, in this article, we will list out some of the best software for windows 10 you can use on your personal computer. Let us find out some of them below:

  • Photo Editing App: Polarr:

For those who love clicking editing photos on their laptop, Microsoft has come up with Polarr which is available for free to download on their official store. In this app, you will get some amazing features such as Filters, Auto Tuning, Cropping, Resizing and many more.

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  • Music Editing: Cakewalk:

Music is one of the most loved and inspired sources any person can admire of and for those windows users who also love music editing can go with cakewalk which provides you with some best features for editing your music for free. You can simply visit the Microsoft store and then search for the term or find in the popular section as well.

  • Video editing: Shotcut:

For the best software for windows 10 in video editing, Microsoft has come up with Shotcut app which is available free to download. Without any restrictions, you can edit your videos with ease and come up with some amazing clips at the end.

  • Notes: Notepad++:

If you are a programmer then you will love Notepad++ for its amazing user interface. Purely made for sketching code in all manner of languages the Notepad++ is just something more than a simple place for Notes.

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  • File manager: Tablacus:

If you are not good with managing files at your laptop then you should install Tablacus on your PC. It comes with some amazing features where you can simply organize your files or folders so that it is easily accessible whenever you need.

We hope the above article has helped you a lot understanding the best software for windows 10 and wish to see you soon again with a more interesting article in the coming days.


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